Creative LIVE (Photoshop Workshop)

Ever asked yourself where you can learn some photography tips?  Well I can tell you that I struggled to find some photography training when I first started.  Creative LIVE helped me learn more about photography than anything else out there.

Imagine not paying for those $100+ workshops that are out there in your community.  Now, I am not saying that Creative LIVE doesn’t charge for their workshops, but they only charge if you want to purchase their training if you missed their live broadcasting.  So what a better way to stay at home on a day off and absorb great information about photography?  You can also ask questions live to the instructor and the Creative LIVE team will most likely answer your questions.  They also have a great schedule that you can look at to mark on your calendar.  You can schedule the training of your interest.

There are a variety of classes that are taught on Creative LIVE and it can benefit the person that are just doing things for fun or starting a business.  I have seen many workshops that cover anything you can ever imagine.  They have arts and craft, website building, learning about your camera, small business tips, freelance photography, wedding, portraits, sports, photoshop, videography and so many more!

I am very thankful for all they do.  I have always waited for something like this to learn about.  I personally tune in to all the photoshop and photography courses.  By the way, they have a photoshop workshop today at 11 am Central Time and I will be tuning in!  Anyways, what are you interested in?  Thank you all for reading.  Have a great Tuesday!


Creative LIVE (Photoshop Workshop)

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