Three little birds

Three little birds

Three little birds? Makes you think of Bob Marley. I was waiting for my wife to walk out the door from work, and I am sitting in the car on a cold evening. I look around to see what I can take a picture of, like always, and I look up and see this bird by itself. Well I decided to take a picture of it, but I asked myself,”low light situation, no tripod to keep my camera steady for a slow shutter speed for a good exposure,” and then I think outside the box. I set the camera in between my arm and my bicep and use it as a tripod and set my arm on the door for more stability. Only the military taught me to do that with a rifle so I use it on my camera occasionally when I don’t have my tripod. As soon as I am looking through my viewfinder, two other birds land and create this bird ladder. I was pretty excited. It might not be a big deal to a lot, because when we see birds, we don’t pay to much attention to them. But here they are all facing almost the same way, and I couldn’t help but take a picture of the birds on this tall leafless tree that gives it a vine look to it.


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