Three seats

Three seats

It was getting dark and was on my way to go pick up my wife from work. This empty parking lot I drove through, a lot will drive by it, but not me. I see something interesting, I get out and take a picture of it. It looks a little strange for people around, but I am not afraid. Better asking for forgiveness than permission. I cannot help myself when I drive around and see interesting compositions. I might not know a lot about composition, but if it stands out to me, I have my camera out. The thing that really caught my attention here was this bench. What is this bench doing in the middle of nowhere? Do people take breaks before heading to their car. Now I know what you might be thinking, the hut behind it looks like a bus stop. I checked and there was no sign of a bus stop. Maybe it’s a secret bus stop for the workers in the area, but the mystery is better to be untold. The lines down the parking lot aren’t straight, but I liked that, not all has to be perfectly linear for me to like it. It was manmade, and that is interesting to me.


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