Telephones…are they going away?

After studying for my math class I decided to go out to take a few pictures.  The first spot that I picked was the gas station that is close to home.  When I have to put air in the tires, I always go here.  There’s a vacuum, air and if you didn’t have enough, there’s an inoperable public phone.  I was waiting for the day to get some great lighting for this picture.  I have always asked myself, “Are they getting rid of public telephones?”  Maybe it was just this one, but in my experience I have never seen anyone using a public telephone anymore.  Everyone has a phone now, whether it is on a contract basis or a prepaid phone.

But let’s take a closer look at this picture.  First of all, a public telephone was built next to an air and vacuum station or was it built the other way around?  If so, did people have to wait for someone to stop using the air compressor to start making a phone call?  It would be too loud to make phone calls by this noisy compressor or vacuum when it turns on.  Maybe the air compressor was just built next to the telephone after it was put out of commission.  Second, we have a cup tucked behind the coin slot.  There was a trash can right across the station, maybe someone was a little lazy to walk ten feet to throw it away.  Another thing that you can see in this picture is the damaged pole.  Someone must have have not seen the massive silver metallic vacuum, but it could have been an accident too.  Anyways, comment on the section below of your opinion.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!



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