Tree grows around the street light

Tree grows around the street light

Good afternoon y’all.

Ever seen a street light in between tree branches? If not, you have now. It took months to have the opportunity to take this picture. It was a corporate building and I think they had security inside the building. The lighting was never right because of the weather and there’s always something about taking pictures on the other side of a mirrored windows and at that, there was a lot of those. Who is watching behind those windows? Are they laughing at me? Maybe even reporting me, but the rush was great. I took out my tripod and set up as fast as possible and as soon as I got all my shots, I left. I think that will be my last visit to this place. You know there will always be that place where you always want to go into and take pictures, but you can’t for whatever reason.

It was five months ago, when I first moved to Texas and as my wife and I explored around, the light in between the trees really called my attention. It’s like technology slowly creeps up on nature and slowly taking over it. This was my first thought when I had seen the light in between the tree.

Anyways, I hope you guys like the picture. Have a great Thursday!



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