Lego Chimneys?

Three Red Pipes



Ever since I bought my camera, I have been constantly shooting.  It’s so addicting!  I am guilty as charged.  Every day is a new learning experience.  Everyone sees things differently through their viewfinder and I know I do.  I try to pay particular attention to every structure of a building, to see what makes it stand out.  It may be a door, stairs, ladders, wall, colors, or just the way it is built.  I know you don’t see the big picture here and can tell what it is, but I’ll go ahead and reveal it.  In Plano, TX, there’s a market place/bakery called, “Eatzi’s.” By the way, this place is delicious.  Pick up freshly baked bread of your choice, create your own pizza and delicious homemade meals for you to take home and pop in the microwave.

Anyways, I was lured by the pop of red color on top of the building, and I was trying to find a good angle to take a good shot of the chimney pipes.  What I saw, was the shape of cylinder Legos on a building.  Personally, I haven’t seen any of these pieces on a building where it brings me back to my childhood.

Just remember, that no matter what you take a picture of, what matter is your own interpretation of the subject.

Have a great Tuesday!


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