Abandoned shopping carts

Abandoned shopping carts

Good morning y’all.

Now I know there’s nothing special about this picture. We all have seen a lot of pictures of shopping carts. The patterns are very normal and I have seen some really nice compositions of them. The story to this particular image is, my wife and I walking out of Michaels, which is not only my wife’s favorite store, but I’m sure every single woman out there into arts and craft. I look to the right and I see a row of abandoned carts. I noticed there was only like five or six carts inside available for the public, but I realized that not everybody needs a cart. Some people just go in there to pick an item or two and leave. Not everyone is pushing a cart while standing in line to pay. The reason why I noticed most of these haven’t been moved, is because of the leaves that are stuck on the surface of the carts. Those leaves have been biodegrading under these carts for a while now.

Anyways, this is my shopping cart photo. What is yours? Have a great weekend!


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