Mason Jars


My wife, friends and I went to a flea market located in North Dallas, where they had a variety of antiques and refurbished items. My wife had her eye on these mason jars for a long time now and thanks to the help of our friends, she was able to get a great deal for them. We found out that these mason jars ranged from the 1896 to 1933 according to the type of design of the word “Ball.”

There is something about mason jars that make them really special. They were used by my generation’s great grandparents to preserve food and were also used to store nails and bolts where the lid was screwed onto surfaces. Mason jars are now sensitive to our freezer’s temperature and will probably shatter. Plus, the sealing is not as reliable as the ones that are out today. Even though they aren’t reliable in extreme cold temperatures, they are great for dry food storing. Now, mason jars have been used for home decorating, storage and even lighting fixtures!

Mason Jars

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