The Three Construction Men

The Three Construction Men

3 thoughts on “The Three Construction Men

  1. thenerdycanuck says:

    Love this one! Black and white is my favourite and try to have good contrast in the photo like yours.. what ISO do you use when shooting black and white?

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your comment. The ISO I try to use is 100 to 200. But as you may know, there might be times you have to push the ISO to get a good exposure, so that will depend. You can always add grain to a photograph, rather than taking it away, so I try to stay as low as I can.

  2. Another thing I forgot to mention, it’s really also about the lighting conditions. I took this picture in the morning before 10 am, where the items and subjects haven’t lost the shadows yet, but close. So remember that shadows also equals a good contrast which will give you a good balance of whites, grays, and blacks.

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