May 20th


Mannequin in the Vintage

Mannequin in the Vintage

It’s been a few weeks now, and I have been working on my “Mannequins of the Dallas Metroplex,” series. My inspiration comes from Artists such as Gaia Light, Manuel Alvarez Bravo and Eugene Atget and visions of my own to bring this to life. I have been looking for interesting things around and I really want to bring, “I wish I should have taken a picture of that moment,” to life. I feel that I am in a place where I want to start making mistakes and get better in this craft and be a dream releaser. This is an image that I had to rule out in my series, because it takes a different direction, but I am happy to share this because I love this image. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys and be safe this weekend from the weather!


Human & Nature Up Against Industrial Technology

Human & Nature Up Against Industrial Technology

Lately, I have been trying to push myself and my imagination to create some of my images. I believe in always experimenting and pushing the limits of the imagination. I have loved the golden hour, no matter where I am. Shadows are just one of the many aspects of photography and I wanted to embrace that. There are many ways of seeing a wall, but I saw it this way. The tree on this industrial looking wall gave me the inspiration to add myself in it. The way the tree’s shadow was on this wall really called my attention. It is the combination of the man made object, nature and mankind into one piece. How we both, human and nature are up against the industrial technology (cement, metals).